How it Works

Wrangle works in three simple steps:

1. Import and Explore

Import data into Wrangle and explore by filtering and sorting.

2. Clean and Transform

Use the Wrangle editor to chain together steps to clean your data.

3. Export

When you're all done, just export the results. It's that simple!

All Wrangle plans include the following:

Fixing and formatting

We take it a step further than just simple syntax checks. For example, we'll perform MX record checks for email addressses, and validation checks for zip codes. Use the Fix steps in the Wrangle editor to find and fix problems with common data types, like state and country names, phone numbers, and more.

Data transformations

Use our powerful platform to add, merge, and manipulate large datasets with ease. Group data using fuzzy matching, find and replace problem values, and more. Explore the modify steps in the Wrangle editor to see all the different ways you can transform your data.

Sorting and filtering data

Before you get started Wrangling, it's always helpful to explore your data. We make it easy for you to do this by providing filters and sorting functionality directly within the Wrangle editor. You can also explore your modified datasets on the fly within the editor.

Top of the line data security

Here at Wrangle, we take data security very seriously. We use top of the line encryption, and have taken steps to ensure your data remains private. We never share your data with anyone, and allow you to completely and securely control your data at all times.

Get started with Wrangle today: